Nativities From Around The World

Presented by BYUSTORE
Wilkinson Student Center, University Hill, Provo

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Description: From Nov. 24-Jan. 4, 2018, the BYU Store is hosting a "Nativities from Around the World" exhibition in collaboration with Betsy Christensen​, an Orem woman well known for her extensive crèche collection. Betsy's Christmas crèche exhibit is a familiar sight throughout Utah County and we are excited to host her displays at our store this Christmas. The BYU store will display over 300 nativities from a multitude of countries, continents and cultures. Betsy's nativity scenes range from traditional German scenes to Chinese wall hangings and paintings, to painted gourds from Peru and stitched scenes from Panama. Besides the above, Betsy also offers crèches from Switzerland, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Guam, Armenia, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Finland, Indonesia and Czech Republic. These are fashioned from range of materials including fabric, bronze, horseshoe nails, and even recycled Coke cans.