The Veteran: An Offering Of Reverence & Respect

Presented by University of Utah
295 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City

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Description: Special Collections honors Utah’s veterans in the gallery of the fourth floor atrium of the Marriott Library as part of a library-wide exhibition. Members of the Marriott Library and University of Utah communities commemorate veterans and current service members by contributing personal portraits to the exhibition. These portraits include photographs of those serving in World War I, Vietnam, and Iraq, among other military engagements. On loan from Fort Douglas is the original wheel and bell from the USS Utah, which now rests at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. In addition to ephemera such as posters of the USS Utah and the USS Salt Lake City, the exhibit features photographs from Fort Douglas, Hill Air Force Base, and the USS Salt Lake City - all of which serve to celebrate and document the lives of Utah’s servicemen and women.