The Weyward Sisters

Presented by Pygmalion Theatre Company
138 W. 300 South, Salt Lake City

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Description: Pygmalion Theatre Company will begin its season with "The Weyward Sisters," by local playwright L.L. West, Nov. 3-18, 2017. The play tells the story of Leandra, Skye and Fioon, who are witches… good witches, but witches nevertheless. They have been hired by Thomas Middleton to perform in a new play called "Macbeth" that he's written in tandem with a playwright known to the witches as The Brad, aka Shakespeare. Before and after each scene in which they are featured, we see the "weyward" (weird) sisters in their dressing room - the here and now. Not completely savvy to a theater world, these three weird sisters grapple with how they fit into the fabric of the play… how they contribute to the telling of the Macbeth's story… and if they should somehow alter the final conclusion. Visit for information, tickets.