The Chorus (Les Choristes)

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Language, sexual references, some violence; for 13 and up.

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Two Oscar nominations or not, if you've seen one inspirational-teacher melodrama ("Goodbye, Mr. Chips," "Dead Poets Society," "Mr. Holland's Opus"), you've seen this one, too. An ex-musician (Gérard Jugnot) in post-World War II France is hired as supervisor at a reform school, where he reaches the recalcitrant boys by forming them into a choir. Rookie director Christophe Barratier's melodrama is filled with one-note characters - like the rebel teen (Jean-Baptiste Maunier) with the angelic voice, or the sadistic principal (Francois Berléand) who
despises the new teacher's methods - set into a story that plays out with plodding predictability.