Tragic Black

TRAGIC BLACK is a five-piece band from Salt Lake City signed to European Record Label Strobelight Records and is amongst the most active and dedicated modern Deathrock bands.

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Influenced by dark edgy tones, life\'s throes, the elements that shape us, and the cold caress. Inspired by bands such as; David Bowie, Motley Crue, Bauhaus, Specimen & Skinny Puppy.

While the current line up (Vision - Vocals, Vyle - Bass, Seputus - Drums, Stich - Guitar & Hex - Guitar) is somewhat new, the founding members Vision and Vyle have released various self-released CD\'s since their inception in 2000. Released\"The Decadent Requiem\" on Strobelight Records in February 2006, and have numerous compilation & magazine appearances worldwide. Performed many concerts and festivals all over the USA as well as

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City: Salt Lake City

Year Formed: 2000